Key Features

  • Sheath for Flexcut KN50 or KN53 Sloyd knives
  • High quality leather moulded to shape
  • Strong stitching reinforced with rivets
  • Rear metal clip for easy attachment onto a belt

Options and Pricing

Product Code Product Description Guide Price
107160 Flexcut KN06 Leather Sloyd Knife Sheath £20.78

This leather sheath for the Flexcut Sloyd KN50 Carving Knife, will also fit the Flexcut KN53 Stub-sloyd. Made from high quality leather moulded to shape, with strong stitching and reinforcing rivets. A metal clip on the rear allows you to attach the sheath quickly on or off a belt or waistband. Length approx 180mm, width approx 60mm, made in the USA.