Key Features

  • Designed to get into areas where full length tool will not fit
  • Four profiles
  • Profiled honing block provided

Options and Pricing

Product Code Product Description Guide Price
600079 Flexcut KN150 4 Piece Right Handed Scorp Set £116.38
486301 Flexcut KNL150 4 Piece Left Handed Scorp Set £116.38

These cleverly designed tools are, in essence, gouges set at right angles on the end of the tool and are designed to get into areas where a normal full length tool will not fit. Typical applications would be animal figures, the human form, decoys etc. where undercut detail is often called for. The four profiles are 1/8" No.11, 3/16" No.11, 3/8" No 6 and a 1/4"x 70° Vee. A profiled honing block, for use with the Flexcut Gold Compound is included.