Key Features

  • For precise inclined drilling even at extreme angles
  • 4mm drill centre point acts as pilot for precise positioning
  • Easy placement on marked entry point, no guessing
  • 'Wave' style cutting edge for clean flat-bottomed holes
  • Unrivalled for strength, accuracy and sharpness
  • Guaranteed clean sided holes in hard or softwood
  • Exchangeable tip: centring point or pilot drill
  • Made in Austria

Options and Pricing

Product Code Product Description Guide Price
105933 FISCH Multi-function Wave Cutter with Drill Point - 20mm £20.98
105936 FISCH Multi-function Wave Cutter with Drill Point - 25mm £23.18
105937 FISCH Multi-function Wave Cutter with Drill Point - 30mm £25.78
105938 FISCH Multi-function Wave Cutter with Drill Point - 35mm £29.98

Rather than a solid centre point, these bits feature a replaceable 4mm pilot drill (an exchangeable centring tip is available). The purpose of the pilot drill is to enable precise drilling of inclined holes. When using a standard Forstner bit to drill at an angle it is the rim that makes first contact with the workpiece. This has two main drawbacks: it is almost impossible to judge the exact centre position and without a strong clamp or jig the bit will skate or move before cutting begins. These bits offer precise drilling at extreme angles. The pilot drill helps first position and then guide the bit.

These Forstner bits cut particularly easily and produce exact tear-free, holes with smooth walls in softwood and hardwood. FISCH forge their multi-functional bits from a single billet, before being CNC ground and then hardened. Accuracy and sharpness are of the highest level. The unique serrated 'Wave' edge produces extremely clean entry holes, allows faster cutting speeds and requires less effort to bore each hole. The shank has 3 flats for secure chucking in a 3-jaw chuck. Spare drill bits are available as are centre tips for drilling blind or straight through holes. These bits are 90mm long overall excluding the pilot drill.