Key Features

  • Flexible curve template can be easily formed to shape
  • Follow with bearing guided cutter for precise clean cut
  • Screw to template or underside of workpiece
  • Available in 3m, 1m and 600mm lengths

Options and Pricing

Product Code Product Description Guide Price
702518 FISCH Flexi Curve - 1m £77.28
702519 FISCH Flexi Curve - 3m £201.98
211366 FISCH Flexi Curve Mini 600mm £37.38

Flexible jigs that can be affixed with screws to the underside of any material that needs to be cut cleanly to a defined line with a bearing guided router cutter or on a spindle moulder with a bearing ring guide. These flexible jigs are secured to a scribed or drawn line on the underside of the material to be cut and forms the guide onto which bearing guided cutters run. Whilst in many instances material could be cut with a jigsaw and sanded or planed, this simple but effective jig allows the ultra clean cut of a router cutter or cutter block to finish the job in one simple cut. Available in either 600mm, 1/000mm or 3,000mm lengths the Flexi jigs are an invaluable addition to any joinery workshop either making jigs or cutting material to defined lines. The two longer versions are 18 x 18mm in section with a minimum radius of approx 150mm and the low cost mini version is 12 x 12 x 600mm with a minimum radius of approx 75mm. This would be particularly useful for the manufacture of small jigs or routing operations where a smaller radius curve is required. Please note the mini version is not supplied with screws.