Key Features

  • Chrome vanadium steel, brad point (lip and spur) for clean entry and exit
  • 25 pieces; 1mm to 13mm in 0.5mm increments
  • Ground centre point for precise positioning
  • Crisp, clean cut particularly good in soft wood
  • Recommended drilling speed is between 1,500rpm and 3,000rpm
  • Neat case gives easy access to individual bits
  • Made in Austria

Options and Pricing

Product Code Product Description Guide Price
105931 FISCH 25 Piece SP Brad Point Drill Bit Set £38.78 (was £41.68)

This is a 25-piece set of chrome vanadium steel drill bits with sizes 1mm-13mm in 0.5mm increments. The bits are Brad point sometimes called lip and spur, having a ground centre point for precise positioning and twin cutting spurs for clean entry and exit. The recommended drilling speed for best results is between 1,500 and 3,000 rpm.

Made in Austria, precisely ground and sharpened they give a crisp, precise cut and work particularly well in soft woods. These are very sharp drill bits with exact geometry for fast waste removal resulting in accurate holes. A neatly designed case gives easy access to individual drills. The round shanks allow their use in cordless or mains powered hand-held drills with standard chucks, as well as in vertical and bench drilling machines. Sizes 1mm-2.5mm are standard twist drills as these are too small to grind into lip and spur.