Key Features

  • Unique design, sharpens practically all in-cannel or out-cannel tools
  • 250mm overall length for longer sharpening strokes
  • Provides radii from as small as 1.6mm(1/16") to 25.4mm(1")

Options and Pricing

Product Code Product Description Guide Price
950964 DMT Diamond Wave - Fine 600g £71.18

The DMT Diamond Wave is the first diamond sharpener to combine convex and concave abrasive surfaces. Perfect for woodworkers, carvers and wood turners, the Diamond Wave provides longer sharpening strokes (250mm overall length) than traditional slip stones. The unique design means it can sharpen nearly all in-cannel or out-cannel tools. It is the ultimate sharpener for the woodworker, capable of replacing almost all other honing devices for curved tools. Constructed with a precisely micronized, mono-crystalline, diamond coating on a steel substrate, it provides smooth and even-stock removal and sharpening. Its durable abrasive surface will not chip, crack, hollow or groove and the Diamond Wave will not break, even when dropped. The Diamond Wave sharpens much faster than traditional conventional slip stones and provides radii from as small as 1.6mm(1/16") to 25.4mm(1"). It is available in a 600grit/25 micron diamond. No lubrication is required with the Diamond Wave. Each wave includes a non-skid mat.

Specification for DMT Diamond Wave - Fine 600g:
Grit Fine / 600