Key Features

  • Carefully graded mono-crystalline diamonds
  • 63.5mm x 19mm continuous diamond surface
  • Overall length is 180mm, tip only 0.85mm thick

Options and Pricing

Product Code Product Description Guide Price
410119 DMT Dia-Sharp Mini-Hone - Coarse 325g £10.78
410121 DMT Dia-Sharp Mini-Hone - Fine 600g £10.78
410120 DMT Dia-Sharp Mini-Hone - Extra Fine 1,200g £10.78

DMT Mini-Hones have 63.5 x 19mm of continuous diamond hone permanently bonded to a comfortable, colour coded handle for easy identification. The Mini-Hones have a protruding tip just 0.85mm thick for getting into tight corners. These are amongst the handiest sharpening tools money can buy, with hundreds of uses from sharpening small scissors and touching up router cutters to de-burring. Available individually or make a saving on the set of three, Coarse (blue) 325g, Fine (red) 600g and Extra Fine (green) 1,200g.

Specification for DMT Dia-Sharp Diamond Mini-Hones:
Grit Extra Fine / 1,200
Overall L x W x H 178 mm x 19 mm x 5 mm
Size 63 x 19mm (OA 180mm)