Key Features

  • Choose from O1 steel or PM-V11 steel alloy
  • Lapped to a flatness tolerance of 0.005mm(0.0002")
  • 25.4(1") wide, 3.2mm(1/8") thick

Options and Pricing

Product Code Product Description Guide Price
701944 Veritas O1 Blade for Bullnose Plane £34.48
506347 Veritas PM-V11 Blade for Bullnose Plane £47.48

In a nutshell, O1 steel is easy to hone and a very fine edge achieved relatively quickly. To add to the mix we now have the highly acclaimed PM-V11 alloy blades that are easier to sharpen than A2 and hold an extremely durable cutting edge for up to twice as long as A2. What does this mean in practice? If you’re roughing something to size or planing abrasive exotics then PM-V11 is probably the better choices. However, for fine finishing or the pure pleasure of working with the very sharpest of tools, go for the O1 option. 3.2mm(1/8") thick, lapped blades, 25.4mm(1") wide.