Key Features

  • Available in large or small to cover most measuring situations
  • Each set contains one double ended pair and an inside/outside pair

Options and Pricing

Product Code Product Description Guide Price
100071 Axminster Turner's Calipers - Large £27.18
100072 Axminster Turner's Calipers - Small £22.38

Two sets of turner's calipers, large or small, which between them should be able to cover most measuring situations. Each set contains one double ended pair for measuring wall thicknesses (type 1) and an inside/outside pair for checking diameters (type 2). In both cases the two ends of the calipers produce the same setting, allowing measurements to be made without removing the calipers from the work.Capacities are: Small Set - type 1: 120mm, type 2: 190mm. Large Set - type 1: 220mm, type 2: 260mm

Specification for Axminster Turner's Calipers:
Size Small