Key Features

  • Two removable tapered centre points (short and long)
  • Accurately machined to fit your hollow live centre

Options and Pricing

Product Code Product Description Guide Price
510094 Axminster Replacement Point Set for Hollow Live Centre £4.96

Replacement point set for hollow live centre.A set of two replacement points for your hollow live centre. The short point protrudes a mere 3mm beyond the ring and allows an accurate impression of the ring to be made on the end of the timber. Having made the impression, the point can be removed from the centre and the work re-located on the ring impression, allowing an accurate hole to be bored. When boring right through, the timber is drilled from one end then reversed, a counterbore drive used to hold the timber in the headstock and the boring process repeated from the tailstock end. Fitting the long point gives good access for all sorts of miniature work, including light pulls and lace bobbins.