Key Features

  • For freehand detail carving offers excellent control and safety
  • Fits to any standard angle grinder
  • Reaches into deep and narrow profiles, gets into places other tools can’t reach
  • Replaceable and re-sharpenable tungsten teeth
  • Planning action at the tip of the shaft
  • Use with guides or templates for accuracy

Options and Pricing

Product Code Product Description Guide Price
101588 Arbortech TURBO Shaft £89.98

The TURBO Shaft is a power carving attachment for use fitted to the Arbortech Power Carving Unit or most 100mm (4") or 115mm (4.1/2") angle grinder. Designed to complement the Arbortech TURBO range or as a stand-alone tool. The TURBO Shaft provides the means to carry out detailed freehand carving. It combines efficiency with exceptional control. The TURBO Shaft has replaceable carbide teeth offering excellent performance and durability even in the hardest timbers. The adjustable depth gauge makes it easy to quickly set your depth of cut. The unique TURBO Shaft is a versatile addition to any woodworker’s arsenal. It is particularly effective for deep and narrow profiles, detailed sculpting, template work and more.

Specification for Arbortech TURBO Shaft:
Model IND.FG.500