Key Features

  • Fits the Arbortech Mini Carver; perfect for rough shaping or fine detail
  • Opens up new carving possibilities; blade cuts on its edge or its face
  • 50mm diameter blade with tungsten carbide cutting teeth

Options and Pricing

Product Code Product Description Guide Price
106811 Arbortech Mini Pro £89.98

Designed for use with the Arbortech Mini Carver, the Mini Pro broadens the scope of the carver and opens up new carving possibilities.

The Mini Pro is a 50mm diameter blade with 2 tungsten carbide cutting teeth. These teeth are circular and rotatable, ensuring you get the maximum possible use from their edges. When eventually worn they are easy to replace. You can use this versatile blade to cut on its edge or its face. It performs rough shaping or fine detailing with equal ease. Suitable for small to medium projects.