Wood carving has been around for centuries and tools and techniques have evolved over time. Most recently power carving has taken centre stage. New and innovative blades and power tools have opened up a whole new world for carvers, allowing their imagination to run wild and carve almost anything.

Arbortech have been at the forefront of this innovation for almost three decades. The Australian company launched with the first ever woodcarver blade; a complete game changer for carvers. Arbortech continue to release easy to use, time saving tools and attachments. One of Arbortech’s latest products, The Ball Gouge, initially sold out in the UK in the first few weeks after its release. It is now widely available again.

Arbortech Ballgouge Turboplane

The popularity of power carving has grown over the past few years, however power carving courses are few and far between in the UK. At the beginning of the summer Wooburn Craft School in Buckinghamshire held one of the very first power carving courses and it’s safe to say it was a success. Led by tutor Simon Clements and supported by Arbortech with the use of some of their most popular tools, four lucky students were given the opportunity to take part in the pilot course. Simon used his vast experience from his career in sculptural wood carving to help them take their own imagined designs from a block of 300x300x100mm lime to a beautifully carved finished piece.

Arbortech Power Carving Course

The students used a range of products from Arbortech including: The Ball Gouge, Turbo Plane and Woodcarver, all of which can be fitted to most 110mm and 115mm grinders. The students were also given an insight into multi tool attachments and more traditional hand carving techniques.

One student said “I was surprised and delighted how easy it was to work with the different machines, allowing me to create my first ever machine carved bowl. Thanks to Simon’s straight forward instructions the piece was truly enjoyable to design and follow through my plan.”

Arbortech Carved Bowl Making

Following the success of the pilot course, Wooburn Craft School plan to run more power carving courses. Visit thewooburncraftschool.com for more information or to book. Click here to see more from Arbortech.