Key Features

  • Silicone-treated knit cotton that resists moisture
  • Keeps dust and dirt off the planes and helps deter rust development
  • Protection for expensive planes and other tools
  • Available in four sizes

Options and Pricing

Product Code Product Description Guide Price
477064 Veritas Block Plane Sack - 190mm(7.1/2") £11.15
477023 Veritas Smoothing Plane Sack - 300mm(12") £11.80
476965 Veritas Jack Plane Sack - 410mm(16") £12.76
476924 Veritas Jointer Plane Sack - 635mm(25") £13.75

Veritas offer high quality plane sacks that are silicone-treated knit cotton that resists moisture. Designed much like a tube sock with a drawstring closure, the sacks keep dust and dirt off the planes and help deter rust development. A tag on the outside of the sack lets you label the plane inside. Works best with permanent pen.