Key Features

  • Set specific angles for your sliding bevel
  • From 0° to 60° in 1/2° increments
  • Useful for dovetailing/machine set-up polygon work
  • Aids accurate fitting in tight locations
  • Etched stainless-steel blade
  • 3" wide & 7" long

Options and Pricing

Product Code Product Description Price
202376 Veritas Metric Bevel Setter £25.73

This stainless steel bevel setting tool allows a sliding bevel to be set at any angle from 1° to 60° in 1/2° increments. Similarly it can be used in conjunction with a bevel to check existing angles. The blade is 75 x 180mm(3" wide & 7" long), and the graduations etched for permanence. The reverse has common dovetail and polygon angles.