Key Features

  • Accurate, detailed, and tested
  • Scaled plan includes cutting list and complete assembly instructions

Options and Pricing

Product Code Product Description Price
476887 Plan - Veritas Workbench System £11.16
476770 Plan - Veritas Traditional Bench £9.79

These plans are accurate, detailed, and tested.A. The Veritas® Workbench System is a hybrid, providing the look of a European-style bench and incorporating modern elements, with several proprietary innovations. The scaled plan includes cutting list and complete assembly instructions, plus instructions for side skirts with dog holes so you can clamp along the side of the bench as well as along the top.B. The Traditional Bench Plan is similarly detailed. It will take any one of our front vices or our tail vice. The traditional bench top is 635mm(25") x 2,060mm(81").