Key Features

  • Easy material to turn
  • Will polish to a very high gloss
  • Makes stunning projects

Options and Pricing

Product Code Product Description Price
210861 Craftprokits Zebra Polyester Project Blank £9.46
210862 Craftprokits Leopard Polyester Project Blank £9.46
210864 Craftprokits Purple/Gold Glitter Polyester Project Blank £9.96
210866 Craftprokits White/Gold Glitter Polyester Project Blank £9.96
210867 Craftprokits Multicoloured Stripe Polyester Project Blank £9.96
951158 Craftprokits Cool Stripes Polyester Project Blank £9.96
951159 Craftprokits Shades of Grey Polyester Project Blank £10.45
952421 Craftprokits Alpolina Polyester Project Blank £9.46
952423 Craftprokits Shocking Pink Polyester Project Blank £10.45

If you have made some pens using our acrylic and polyester blanks, you will be interested to learn that we can now supply a range of polyester project kit blanks of larger dimensions than the pen blanks. The size of these blanks is 114 x 35mm which gives you more choice in the way you can use the material. For instance, you could use the material for turning larger projects such as bottle stoppers, light pulls, pendants and knobs or by cutting the blank lengthwise into four pieces, you will have four pen blanks at your disposal. We recommend the use of wet and dry abrasives for finishing this product followed by burnishing cream. Let your imagination run wild!