Key Features

  • Molybdenum-chrome Vanadium steel
  • 3.2mm shank

Options and Pricing

Product Code Product Description Price
475319 Proxxon 10 Piece Router Bit Set £34.07
610989 Proxxon Straight Router Bit 3.2mm dia £5.06
610990 Proxxon Straight Router Bit 4.3mm dia £5.06
610991 Proxxon Straight Router Bit 6.5mm dia £5.06
610995 Proxxon Roundover Router Bit 3.2mm radius £5.06
610992 Proxxon Core Router Bit 3.2mm radius £5.06
610993 Proxxon Vee Router Bit 6.5mm dia £5.06
610994 Proxxon Combi Router Bit 2.5mm radius £5.06
610996 Proxxon Rebate Router Bit 6.4mm dia £5.06
610997 Proxxon Ovolo Router Bit 2.5mm radius £5.06

Molybdenum-chrome vanadium steel router bits with 3.2mm shanks. Note: These router cutters should only be used in machines or accessories such as the router MT 300, router base OFV or the router table FT 300. Free-hand use of these cutters is extremely dangerous!