Key Features

  • Die-cast zinc with three machined sides
  • Slot fits the adjustable fence of the drill stand MB 140/S and bench drill TBM 220
  • Horizontal and vertical V-slots in jaw
  • Jaw width 50 mm and height 10mm
  • Maximum clamping width 34mm

Options and Pricing

Product Code Product Description Guide Price
486352 Proxxon MS 4 Machine Vice £15.60

The MS 4 Machine Vice is made of die-cast zinc with three machined sides and horizontal & vertical V-slots in the jaws. Jaw width 50mm and height 10mm. Maximum clamping width 34mm. To read a review written by Ian Wilkie, please go to 'Downloads'

Specification for Proxxon MS 4 Machine Vice:
Model MS 4