Key Features

  • Never take the chuck off your lathe
  • Allows quick mounting of a spur centre in the chuck
  • Ideal for turner who also does both spindle and bowl work
  • Preserves concentricity when turning a spigot between centres for later chucking

Options and Pricing

Product Code Product Description Price
101219 NOVA Chuck Spur Centre Accessory £22.20

This 4-prong spur drive with a 19mm square shank fits snugly into the NOVA chuck jaws. The slotted shank allows the chuck jaws to close over it for a solid, secure grip. The design has points located at each corner, the wedge shape of the prongs allows them to penetrate and firmly grip the wood. The spur drive offers two major advantages. It means turners carrying out a variety of work do not have to constantly remove and refit the chuck to the lathe every time they move from bowl to spindle work. In the case of preparing work between centres for later spigot chucking, using the spur centre preserves concentricity, which is important especially for items such as thin edged goblets.