Key Features

  • High grade cast iron with solid section thickness
  • Designed to withstand high stresses when turning large bowls
  • Unique curve shape helps chisel transit over the bowl surface
  • Provides support close to the cutting edge without having to re-adjust
  • Solid 1" stem, will fit other lathes

Options and Pricing

Product Code Product Description Price
101880 NOVA Woodsurfer Bowl Rest for DVR Lathe £66.11

NOVA 9006 Woodsurfer bowl rest provides excellent support for your bowl turning. Its unique curve and heavy duty, meaty construction makes turning a bowl so much easier. It is sturdy enough to cope with the big bowl turning capacity of the NOVA DVR and Outrigger’s 740mm (29") capacity. The Woodsurfer rest has a 1” stem, combined with a solid cast iron top for maximum strength. It will fit all NOVA lathes (excluding the NOVA 46000 Comet II midi lathe) and is suitable for all lathes with a 1" toolrest fitting including the Nova Galaxi ​lathe.