Key Features

  • Dovetail grip around the top for footed bowls etc
  • Deep internal PowerGrip for rock solid grip on a spigot
  • Expands into a recess between 54mm and 73mm diameter
  • Spigot range from 40mm to 60mm diameter
  • Square timber between 29mm and 50mm

Options and Pricing

Product Code Product Description Price
101193 NOVA 75mm (3") Long Nosed Chuck Accessory Jaw Set £62.18

These have tremendous holding power both externally and internally. The jaws are very versatile and ideal for green woodturning. Internally they feature a dovetail grip around the top for holding footed bowls and other footed workpieces. In the centre is NOVA’s PowerGrip offering a rock solid grip when holding spigots. This unique long nosed jaws set has a 50mm rise above their mounting base resulting in a very long reach deep inside of bowls. The jaw expands into a recess between 54mm and 73mm diameter. When gripping a spigot the range is 40mm to 60mm diameter. These jaws will also hold square stock between 29mm and 50mm. Suits only SuperNova2 chuck.