Key Features

  • Versatile jaw set for NOVA chucks
  • Designed for re-chucking of bowls
  • Remove chuck marks, add decoration or re-shape the bottom of a bowl
  • Maximum bowl diameter 305mm (12")
  • For use on lathes with a minimum 355mm (14") swing

Options and Pricing

Product Code Product Description Price
101954 NOVA Cole Jaw Set 6040 Large 305mm(12") £82.18

This accessory for NOVA chucks is a versatile jaw set designed for re-chucking a bowl, giving you a second opportunity at turning the outside of the bowl. It allows you to remove chuck marks, add decoration or to re-shape the bottoms of bowls. Once reversed, you can remove the original chuck recess to produce a bowl with no physical evidence of ever having been near a chuck. The NOVA 6040 Large Cole Jaw Set has the capacity to take a 305mm (12") diameter bowl. These jaws are only suitable for use on lathes with a minimum 355mm (14") swing. The jaws consist of four die-cast aluminium quadrants with rows of pre-set holes. The set includes fasteners to mount the jaws onto your NOVA chuck, eight standard rubber bumpers and instructions.