Key Features

  • Swiss made precision jointer
  • Swivelling front stop with fixed pivot, 0 - 90° with indents
  • Depth adjuster with six preset cutting depths
  • Stop square for variable height positioning, extra stability when vertical
  • CNC machined base with flush sides for easy alignment
  • Extra thin anti-slip pad for 12mm panels
  • Supplied TCT scribing blade, 36mm dust outlet and 4mm spacer

Options and Pricing

Product Code Product Description Price
503650 Lamello Classic X Jointer 230V £399.94 (was £449.94)
503651 Lamello Classic X Jointer 110V £399.94 (was £449.94)

Lamello is the founder of the biscuit jointer and as with all of this company's products precision is the key. The Classic X is the successor of the very well known C3 biscuit jointer and features new upgrades to further enhance this leading jointer.It is Swiss made with a 780W industrial motor. CNC machined fences give accurate alignment, so you can take full advantage of connectors that can be glued, self-clamped or be detachable.The main features are a swivelling front stop and the stop square. Both sides of the fences are flush for simple alignment. The multifunctional stop square gives more stability when working vertically, allowing variable height positioning and instantly aligns 22.5° and 45° angles. The swivelling base can be set at any point between 0 - 90° (22.5°, 45°, 67.5° and 90°) and used with or without the stop square for angle locations. If this fence is mounted on the fixed base and the swivel set at 90°, a very secure platform is established for narrow edge work. Scales on both the angle and height adjustment are in metric and a very clear central marker is embossed into the baseplate. There is a choice of six preset depths for the common biscuit/connector sizes with further fine adjustable if required. The body of the machine is slim with a positive ‘D’ handle for the best grip.The machine is supplied with a 36mm suction stub, stop square, 4mm spacer, tool set and manual.

Specification for Lamello Classic X Biscuit Jointer:
Blade Speed 10,000rpm
Depth 6 presets, Max 20mm
Dust Extraction 36mm Outlet
Model Classic X
Nett Weight 3.0kg
Power 780W
Tilting Base Yes