Key Features

  • Vacuum chuck adaptor
  • Suitable for 16mm bore hollow headstock spindle
  • Fits Jet 3520B and 4224B woodturning lathes

Options and Pricing

Product Code Product Description Price
504662 Vacuum Chuck Adaptor for Jet 4224B/3520B £43.70

When we received our first delivery of the Jet 4224B woodturning lathe we noticed the rather nice vacuum chuck system fitted to it. We also found the vacuum adaptor fitted to the headstock also fits the headstock spindle of the Jet 3520B woodturning lathe. The section of the adaptor that fits into the headstock spindle is fitted with a bearing which allows the other end to remain stationary when the lathe is running. A compressor and venturi or a suitable vacuum pump could be used with this adaptor.