Key Features

  • Chip extractor for many machines in a home workshop
  • 850m³/hr air flow, 750W, 230V 1ph motor
  • Inlet diameter is 100mm, common to many machines
  • Base fitted with castors and grab handle for easy mobility
  • Quiet and efficient, will not offend your neighbours
  • Compact in size, easily fits under a workbench

Options and Pricing

Product Code Product Description Price
508251 JET DC-850 Extractor 230V £179.95

This JET DC-850 chip extractor can be used in small home workshops for common wood machining tasks where a higher airflow than provided by a vacuum extractor is required. A quiet running induction motor provides plenty of power to extract from many small workshop machines. The inlet diameter is 100mm(4"), the outlet into the bag is 125mm(5") and the airflow is sufficient to handle the majority of waste likely to be produced. Please note, this is a chippings extractor and should not be expected to collect fine dust. As with all the high volume low pressure airflow machines, the inlet should not be restricted to below 75mm diameter and the bag should be emptied regularly. Hose not supplied. Performance Rating 1.

Specification for Jet DC-850 Extractor:
Bag Capacity 37 litre
Hose Diameter 100 mm
Model DC-850
Nett Weight 22 kg
Overall L x W x H 380 mm x 1,100 mm x 410 mm
Power 750 W
Voltage 230 V