Key Features

  • Aluminium handle with non-slip rubber grip, for safety and comfort
  • Blade locks positively when open, folds into the handle when not in use
  • Leaves a cleanly cut surface, reduces the risk of infection to the tree when pruning
  • Designed for cross cutting, equally effective on all types of timber
  • Teeth finer nearer the handle, makes starting a cut much easier
  • Blades are easily replaceable

Options and Pricing

Product Code Product Description Price
200504 Ice Bear Japanese Folding Razorsaw - 250mm £40.36
200505 Ice Bear Replacement Blade for Japanese Folding Razorsaw £20.95

The Razorsaw has a cast aluminium handle finished with an EVA non-slip rubber grip, for safety and comfort. The blade is 250mm long and locks positively when opened, when not in use folds neatly into the handle. Great performance for both speed and finish. Each tooth has three hardened cutting edges leaving a cleanly cut surface, lessening the risk of infection entering the tree when pruning. Designed for cross cutting, it makes no difference to the saw whether the timber is green or seasoned. The teeth become coarser nearer the tip, 2.7mm pitch at the handle widening to 3.6mm. This makes starting a cut much easier, and progress much quicker. This saw certainly has a place in the tool box of joiners, carpenters, tree surgeons, roofers, builders and lots more. Blades are easily replaceable.

Specification for Japanese Folding Razorsaw:
Model 813
Overall Length 515 mm