Key Features

  • Strong and durable carbide shaping and cutting wheel
  • Cuts, shapes and finishes in one operation
  • Hard and soft woods, fibreglass, carbon fibre, laminates, ABS, and PVC plastics
  • Mounted on an extra strong, steel mandrel 1/8" (3mm)
  • 60 carbide grit coating on the edge and face
  • Grit permanently bonded
  • Use the edge for making cuts up to 13mm deep
  • Use the face of the wheel to shape, sculpt and hollow

Options and Pricing

Product Code Product Description Guide Price
202441 Dura-Grit Shaping Wheel - 32mm Dia 60 grit £19.80

The 32mm diameter Mushroom shaping wheel is very strong and durable with aggressive 60-grit carbide on both its edge and on its face for power carving and filing. It is very strong so will not bend or shatter under load and the 60 grit is permanently bonded for long life. The coarse grit surface removes material rapidly, leaving a reasonably smooth finish and cuts wood, composites, laminates, plastics, PVC and ABS, soft stone and many more materials. By using the face you can shape, groove, create bevels or hollows etc, all with the same tool. The wheel comes mounted on an extra strong steel 1/8" (3mm) diameter mandrel for use in many multi-tools.

Specification for Dura-Grit Carbide Mushroom Shaping Wheel:
Grit 60