Key Features

  • 60 grit flat cutting wheel and mushroom shaping wheel
  • Powerful, long lasting cutting and shaping tool
  • Grit will not tear loose
  • For use on a variety of materials
  • 3.2mm diameter shank

Options and Pricing

Product Code Product Description Price
701464 Dura-Grit Flat Cutting & Shaping Wheel - 25.4mm £21.73
202441 Dura-Grit Shaping Wheel - 32mm Dia 60 grit £21.73
202439 Dura-Grit Flat Cutting Wheel - 32mm £19.38

Fast and effective leaving a clean finish, these Dura-Grit wheels are great for modelling, woodcarving and any small shaping task.• 32mm(1.1/4") 60 grit flat cutting wheel and mushroom shaping wheel• 25.4mm(1") flat cutting and shaping wheel is coated on both sides• Also suitable as a cut off wheel• 3.2mm (1/8") shank

Specification for Dura-GRIT Cutting & Shaping Wheels:
Model DGSR-CW4-060 & DGSR-MSW-060