Key Features

  • 100mm diameter faceplate
  • Maximum accuracy and perfect balance
  • Circular grooves aid blank centring
  • Made with separate threaded insert for thread sizes up to 25mm

Options and Pricing

Product Code Product Description Price
500130 Axminster Faceplate 100mm - 1" x 8tpi (ref T04M) £25.94
500125 Axminster Faceplate 100mm - M33 x 3.5mm (ref T38) £25.94

100mm diameter faceplate is CNC-produced for maximum accuracy and perfect balance. The timber mounting holes are fully countersunk on the rear face and lightly countersunk on the front face to ensure proper seating of the timber; circular grooves are provided to aid the centring of the blank on the plate. The 100mm plate is made with a separate threaded insert for thread sizes up to 25mm. This allows the faceplate to be interchanged between lathes with different headstock threads. Please note: 500130 will not fit the Axminster AWVSL1000 lathe 700206.