Key Features

  • Made in Axminster using CNC production techniques
  • Versatile Dual Purpose Design
  • Fully adjustable for length
  • Range of Collets 2-13mm available

Options and Pricing

Product Code Product Description Guide Price
211322 Axminster Adjustable Pen Mandrel 1MT £44.95
211323 Axminster Adjustable Pen Mandrel 2MT £44.95

The advantages of this pen mandrel design are that spacers are no longer necessary to make up the difference between the length of the pen blanks and the mandrel. This also helps to eliminate any vibration encountered when turning blanks on a longer than necessary mandrel shaft. The length of the shaft is adjustable and can be shortened or extended by loosening the locknut at the headstock end. By simply removing the shaft, you also have a really compact and versatile collet chuck which is extremely useful for holding small components for turning. Additional ER20 collets ranging in size from 2-13mm are available.

Specification for Axminster Deluxe Adjustable Pen Mandrel:
Morse Taper 2 MT