Key Features

  • Excellent for use with small routers and trimmers
  • Set of 4 moulding and trimming cutters
  • Top and bottom bearing trimmers, 45° chamfer and 3/16" radius ovolo
  • Includes extra bearing for conversion to roundover cutter

Options and Pricing

Product Code Product Description Price
700250 Axcaliber set of 4 Small Edge Router Cutters £44.98

A carefully selected set of four cutters perfect for mouldings, chamfers and template work. Excellent for use with small routers and trimmers, the set includes the following 1/4" shank cutters: 1/2" diameter top bearing trimming cutter, 1/4" diameter bottom bearing trimming cutter, 45° chamfer cutter and 3/16" radius ovolo cutter with two bearings for both ovolo and roundover profiles.

Specification for Axcaliber Set of 4 Cutters & 1/2" Bearing:
Shank Diameter 1/4" (6.35mm)