Key Features

  • Substantial machined cast iron, razor sharp, tool steel blades
  • Shearing action results in a glass like finish on end grain
  • Trims off fine shavings for the most precise mitres
  • Long operating lever with rack and pinion mechanism
  • Adjustable cam stops at 0° and 45°, fences lock at any intermediate angle
  • Maximum size 100mm high by about 150mm wide at 90°

Options and Pricing

Product Code Product Description Price
951813 Axcaliber MT1 Mitre Trimmer £184.46
610092 Axminster Top Trim Attachment for Mitre Trimmer £29.48
610089 Axminster Cut Length Attachment for Mitre Trimmer £45.55
610091 Axminster Set of Knives for Mitre Trimmer £80.96
717577 Axcaliber MT1 Mitre Trimmer, Top Trim & Cut Length Attachment - PACKAGE DEAL £253.00

Whether you are a picture framer, a carpenter or a cabinetmaker the need for accurate mitres is paramount. This heavy-duty trimmer is a substantial piece of machined cast iron, with razor sharp, tool steel blades. Using a long lever with a rack and pinion mechanism, it enables you to trim off fine shavings for the most precise fit. Its shearing action results in an incredible glass-like finish even on soft wood end grain. Look on it as a type of specialist plane, whose purpose is to produce precision mitres. There is no exaggeration as to the level of precision you can achieve with this machine. You are guaranteed precise mitres every time.Each fence has two adjustable cam stops, one at 0° and one at 45°. The fences are also lockable at any intermediate angle. This trimmer can easily handle picture frames, dado rails, mouldings and more. The maximum size it will handle is 100mm(4") high by about 150mm(6") wide at 90° or 98mm wide at 45°.The optional Top Trim accessory allows you to trim mouldings with hollowed, tapered or curved outside edges. This attachment presents the moulding to the blade at an angle of 45° to the vertical rather than the horizontal, allowing mitres to be trimmed on curved, hollow or difficult to hold mouldings. The maximum width the Top Trim can handle is 65mm and there is only one angle option, 45°. The other optional accessory is the Cut Length attachment allowing you to perform repeat cuts to the exact same length up to a maximum of 735mm(29") long.

Specification for Axcaliber MT1 Mitre Trimmer:
Max Cutting Height 100mm(4")
Max Width of Cut 150mm(6")
Model MT1
Nett Weight 12.5kg