Key Features

  • Triple diamond ground FineLine teeth, super sharp and long lasting
  • Rigid blade with low friction, rust resistant PTFE coating
  • Heavy duty soft grip comfort handle
  • Choice of length and tpi

Options and Pricing

Product Code Product Description Price
210217 Axcaliber FineLine PTFE Coated Saw 7tpi - 550mm(22") £14.84
101295 Axcaliber Fineline PTFE Coated Handsaw 7tpi - 380mm(15") £8.23
101298 Axcaliber Fineline PTFE Coated Handsaw 11tpi - 500mm(20") £10.43
101296 Axcaliber Fineline PTFE Coated Handsaw 7tpi - 500mm(20") £10.43

These razor sharp, triple diamond ground teeth cut with amazing speed. The blades are made from 1mm thick steel and given a low friction PTFE coating that also protects against corrosion. The teeth are electronically hardened and diamond ground. The saw is fitted with a heavy duty two part comfort handle that incorporates 45° and 90° angles. Perfect for both indoor and outdoor protected timbers.

Specification for Axcaliber FineLine PTFE Coated Handsaw:
Blade Thickness 1mm