Key Features

  • True random orbit action
  • Supplied with 50mm self-stick discs
  • Suitable for 100mm(4") and 115mm(4.1/2") angle grinders
  • Excellent control and balance
  • Outstanding for free-formed convex and concave shapes

Options and Pricing

Product Code Product Description Price
506443 Arbortech Contour Sander £68.83
506485 Backing Pad for Arbortech Contour Sander £9.91
506477 Arbortech 50mm Abrasive Discs 80g Pkt 25 £6.85
506478 Arbortech 50mm Abrasive Discs 120g Pkt 25 £6.85
506479 Arbortech 50mm Abrasive Discs 180g Pkt 25 £6.85
506480 Arbortech 50mm Abrasive Discs 240g Pkt 25 £6.85
506481 Arbortech 50mm Abrasive Discs 320g Pkt 25 £6.85
506482 Arbortech 50mm Abrasive Discs 400g Pkt 25 £6.85
506484 Arbortech 50mm Abrasive Discs Pkt 35 Assorted £9.14
506888 Arbortech Heavy Duty Sanding Discs 50mm 60g Pkt 25 £13.39
506889 Arbortech Heavy Duty Sanding Discs 50mm 80g Pkt 25 £13.39
506890 Arbortech Heavy Duty Sanding Discs 50mm 120g Pkt 25 £13.39
506891 Arbortech Heavy Duty Sanding Discs 50mm 240g Pkt 25 £13.39
506892 Arbortech Heavy Duty Sanding Discs 50mm 320g Pkt 25 £13.39
506893 Arbortech Heavy Duty Sanding Discs 50mm Mixed Pack Pkt 25 £13.39
506894 Arbortech Mounting Flanges & Screws for Contour Sander (Pkt 5) £3.95 (was £7.96)

The Arbortech Contour Sander is solidly made, ingeniously designed and precision engineered. It uses an innovative new design resulting in a true random orbit action that is only evident when the disc is applied to the work. It gives an excellent finish free of sanding marks and won't leave the friction burns that a spinning pad is prone to do. The sander is designed to fit a 100 or 115mm portable angle grinder but will not fit the Arbortech Mini-Grinder. The Contour Sander is remarkably effective, rapidly abrading material to give a very good finish, even with the coarsest grades. Owing to the very flexible outer rim of the sanding disk, where most of the sanding takes place, it does an excellent job of sanding curved surfaces. In addition, the unique design means that vibration from the grinder is minimal. Includes: Random Sander Attachment,1 x backing pad, sanding disks 5 x 80g, 5 x 120g, 5 x 180g, 5 x 240g, 5 x 320g, 5 x 400g, 5 x 600g.

Specification for Arbortech Contour Sander:
Diameter 50mm