Key Features

  • Easily fitted flexible rubber hose cuff
  • 100mm long
  • Moulded RH thread screws directly onto Axminster's 100mm clear hose
  • Snug fit onto a 102-110mm diameter machine extraction port

Options and Pricing

Product Code Product Description Price
610697 Axminster 102mm Hose Cuff £12.90

This is an easily fitted flexible rubber machine cuff for attaching hose to machinery. One end has a moulded RH thread that screws directly onto our 100mm clear hose, the other end of the cuff is a snug fit onto a 102-110mm diameter machine extraction port. Turn the cuff inside out if it does not match your hose spiral. It makes for an easy connection, and re-connecting the extractor from one to machine to another as simple as possible. NOTE, this cuff fits all current Axminster clockwise spiral 100mm clear hoses directly.