Key Features

  • Perfect 100mm diameter system for the home workshop
  • Full package includes all items listed below
  • 8 x 910mm lengths of plastic duct pipe
  • 2 x Y junctions, 2 x 90 degree elbows, 2 x 45 degree elbows
  • 3 x blast gates, 16 x joiners, pack of 10 wall brackets
  • All parts available separately, other accessories also available

Options and Pricing

Product Code Product Description Price
210695 Axminster 100mm Wall Mounted Dust Extraction kit £199.96
210697 Axminster 100mm x 910mm clear pipe £20.26
210698 Axminster 100mm x 100mm Joining Splice £4.00
210699 Axminster 100mm x 45° Elbow for 100mm Dust Extraction kit £5.50
210700 Axminster 100mm Wall Clip £0.77
410258 Axminster Extraction Elbow ABS - 100mm £7.90
900337 Axminster Tee Junction ABS - 100mm(4") £9.46
990053 Axminster Y Junction ABS - 100mm(4") £9.40
500181 Axminster ABS Flanged Spigot - 100mm Hose £2.99

A 100mm ducting kit with most items a home woodworker needs to connect up to 3 machines to an extractor. Comprising 8 X 910mm lengths of 100mm clear plastic duct, 2 X Y junctions, 2 X 90 degree elbows, 2 X 45 degree elbows, 3 x blast gates and 16 x joiners. A pack of 10 wall brackets with screws and wall plugs are included. All the items are available separately, enabling you to build a system exactly how you need it. Our other accessories such as the 990053 Y junction, 500181 Flanged Spigot and 200114 Big Mouth Dust Hood all fit this kit. The 510412 Earth Grounding Kit would be worth considering to protect yourself from possible static build up. This kit is exactly what the home workshop requires.

Specification for 100mm Dust Extraction Kit:
Model YW2000